WP6 – Architecture and Integration

The overall objective of WP6 is to co-ordinate and synchronise all technology development tasks across the project, as well as providing a base architecture to support this.
Technically the main objective is to conceive, develop and maintain a distributed, federated Layers architecture for flexible deployment of network communication infrastructure and storage/editing of user-generated multimedia content in testbed environments. For early and fast deployment WP6 will provide a default networking and storage infrastructure, as well as support for distributed services, as required by WPs 2–4.
From a software engineering perspective, the main objective of WP6 is to conceive and maintain a distributed, agile software engineering process with well-defined development procedures and tools for source code hosting, documentation and issue tracking.

Specific objectives of the workpackage

  • O6.1 Identification of an appropriate framework and model for the development of the unified Layer infrastructure.
  • O6.2 Set up an integrated infrastructure to enable communication between all Layers components developed and consumed in the different work packages.
  • O6.3 Provide a flexible, scalable and stable architecture for fast deployment.
  • O6.4 Provide means for different levels of privacy and data security by offering different levels of integration (i.e. flexibility of logical organisational boundary).
  • O6.5 Deploy a methodology for rapid collaborative and distributed software development.
  • O6.6 Provide access to an online store of tools and learning content that can be shared between SMEs and project partners.

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