Learning Layers workshop with CAMERA: Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry

On 23rd July 2014 representatives from the Learning Layers project collaborated with Plymouth Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (CAMERA) to run a half-day workshop for a group of educational technologists, medical educators and GPs. The aim was to present Learning Layers to an audience of GPs and academics from Plymouth, on the south coast of England, and to explore how we might work with them.

Following a general introduction to the Learning Layers project and discussion of the role of technology in Continuing Professional Development, we gave hands-on demonstrations of each of the prototype tools for healthcare (Bits and Pieces, Help Seeking, Living Documents and Reflect).

The participants were able to explore the prototypes, ask questions about their functionality and feed back with suggestions for uses and improvements. We also gained feedback on whether the findings of our research chimed with the experiences of the participants and whether there were other networks or tools which they used to support their informal learning.

The event was a success and a great way of getting some validation of our findings from a new area outside of the Yorkshire region where we have been doing all our testing to date.

Feedback from the event was very positive, with participants commenting that they could see good potential for the tools to be used and to provide a benefit to end-users. The healthcare sustainability scenario was discussed as part of the workshop and this approach was also endorsed by the participants who felt that it was essential that any new tools fitted within both the working practice and the current IT systems used within GP practices. So the Learning Layers link with Intradoc was regarded as being very important. All the participants have jointed the Learning Layers Stakeholder Network and several have expressed an interest in trying out the tools in their own practice next year.

Note: CAMERA is the Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research and Assessment at Plymouth University. CAMERA is a stakeholder in the Learning Layers project which was awarded our “high engagement stakeholder” badge earlier this year due to its joint work with us in the healthcare sector.


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