Typical paths of workplace learning in construction

Based on a series of interviews and an a rapid ethnography in the scope of the LAYERS exploratory study, videos on the stories of workplace learning have been created. The stories describe typical paths of workplace learning and provide good insights into the detected pain points. Learning Layers aims at building on these stories and to address the identified challenges by designing mobile learning technology.  Enjoy them!

English version (in Deutsch weiter unten)

Validation Seeking http://youtu.be/sqbjIXO3mhY

Sharing Experiences http://youtu.be/lxR4yCUebzk

Practical Learning http://youtu.be/i7jKOivPM6A

New Media http://youtu.be/DUfMASk8Og8

Networks http://youtu.be/BCw6kCIeBjM

Cascading Learning http://youtu.be/qa9054sIuE0


Deutsh (in english above)
Validation Seeking http://youtu.be/EKRHv9XzS_A

Sharing Experiences http://youtu.be/a1S_nbegEJw

Practical Learning http://youtu.be/0mG7T0hrajg

New Media http://youtu.be/MkmF6m5b9mI

Networks http://youtu.be/-t3uX8w4TD4

Cascading Learning http://youtu.be/-61gtUTjpxw

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