Article 4/2014 The Demo Camp presents the Learning Layers tools to apprentices and trainers

Pekka Kämäräinen

This article gives a picture of the German-speaking “Demo Camp” event to present some of the Learning Layers tools in a workshop to interested trainers and groups of apprentices to get feedback for further development.

The Demo Camp event and the arrangement of the workshops

The Demo Camp session took place on the first day of the Leaning Layers Consortium meeting in Bau-ABC in Rostrup. We presented a selected set of LL Tools:

  • The Learning Toolbox app to manage learning resources, apps and contents,
  • The platform to support learning initiatives in construction sector,
  • The Ach so! tool to produce and annotate short videos,
  • The Bits and Pieces tool that had been developed as collector and organiser of working and learning experiences.

We arranged the room in such a way that we had four stations in the corners (or in the garden). In all corners we equipped the stations with flipcharts or pinboards to gather feedback; in the case of Ach so! also tablets were used so that each interested person could make and annotate a video. We then scheduled the visits as a carrousel workshop in which the groups rotated through all four stations (if possible).


In this way we managed the visits of ca 85 apprentices and 10 trainers, supported by 5 other staff members of Bau-ABC, ABC Mellendorf and Agentur. In order to illustrate our approach and our learning gains, we will present below the work in the table on the Learning Toolbox and the feedback we got.

Experiences with the station for Learning Toolbox

The station that presented Learning Toolbox (LTB) provided a combination of Power Point presentation and a demo of the emerging mobile app (see the ppt-presentation uploaded to the shared gDrive folder:

We presented insights into the tile structure, designed functionality and prospects for customisation. With the existing prototype we demonstrated the use of LTB for reading QR-tags and retrieving tagged documents.

We also demonstrated, how existing text documents with images can be developed into interactive documents with LTB and QR tags. As an example we used a work procedure of well-builders (Filterkiesbestimmung) taken from the handbook of the company Stüwa to illustrate the creation of interactive document.


We presented three questions to the groups

  • What tools/ working contexts they would like tackle with the help of Learning Toolbox?
  • What learning materials/units they would like to develop into interactive learning resources with the help of Learning Toolbox?
  • What elements of the White Folder of Bau-ABC they would prefer to have digitised with the help of Learning Toolbox?

Harvesting the feedback

We got somewhat different answers from groups representing different trades. Also, in some groups the trainers (Lehrwerkmeister) participated in the discussion and added their points. Altogether, this event helped us to present the Learning Layers tools to a wider range of trainers and apprentices than had been possible before. Also, this time, although in a high speed tempo, we could get feedback for several tools at the same time.

Our key impressions were the following

  • The groups of carpenters and well-builders got into lively discussion about the usefulness of the Learning Toolbox in their trade. This gave rise to optimism for further co-design activities based on groups of the same trade.
  • The apprentices made a strong point that the availability of such tools and resources will strongly contribute to the acceptance of smartphones – as tools that support working and learning – in the construction sector.
  • Whenever we use concrete examples from occupational work processes, e.g. the above mentioned case of Filterkiesbestimmung with well-builders, the users’ motivation and engagement with our tools (like the Learning Toolbox) gets higher.
  • Also, the experience that it is easy to use a tool (e.g. Ach so!) supports user acceptance.

Learning Toolbox (LTB) Chronicle Vol. 1, 4/2015

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