Prof. Tobias Ley

Prof. Tobias Ley (PhD) is a Professor of Digital Ecosystems at CET. His main research interest is to apply cognitive models to human computer and information interaction, especially in workplace contexts. Before joining CET, he was a postdoc at the Cognitive Science Section of the University of Graz (Austria) and a Deputy Division Manager at the Know-Center (Austria’s Competence Center for Knowledge Management). He has led a number of large-scale EU funded projects in the area of Technology-enhanced Workplace Learning, as well as about 20 projects funded from the Austrian Competence Center Program for Excellent Technologies in the areas of knowledge and competency management. He was deputy scientific coordinator of the APOSDLE project (FP6, 12 mEUR) and work package leader of the MATURE project (FP7, 10 mEUR). In the MATURE project he led the workpackage on maturing services where he researched the role of knowledge structures for organisational learning. Further work is in adaptive learning systems, modelling knowledge-intensive work and learning, and collaborative knowledge building with social software. He has published over 50 scientific papers and has earned an outstanding paper award (Journal of Knowledge Management) and a best interdisciplinary paper award (ECTEL).