RWTH Aachen University

Founded in 1870, RWTH Aachen University ( is one of the largest and highest-ranked technical universities in Europe. For many years, RWTH has been involved in many activities linked to technology enhanced learning, e.g. ( The Chair of Informatik 5 (Information Systems & Database Technology ( from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Informatics, and Mathematics is headed by Prof. Matthias Jarke. Its research topics include community information systems, mobile applications and services, technology enhanced learning, and knowledge management technologies. The chair is vice- coordinating the started German excellence cluster UMIC (Ultra high-speed mobile information and communication). Informatik 5 was a core partner of the EU NoE PROLEARN and contract holder of the EU TEMPUS project CUELC. Recently, it has been involved in 4 technology enhanced learning projects: in the FP7 IP ROLE as technical leader and community facilitator, in the FP7 SA TEL-MAP, in the EU FP7 NoE GALA, and in the EU LLL project TELLNET. Here RWTH will bring the experience with managing distributed development and a federated architecture based on XMPP. RWTH will lead WP6 on Architecture and Integration. RWTH will be responsible for the overall architecture and lead WP6. They will also contribute mobile annotation tools in WP5.