Paul Carder

Paul Carder is the research coordinator for NHS Airedale Bradford and Leeds. Prior to this Paul worked as a University Researcher/Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the University of Essex for 5 years prior to accepting a post in professional sports. Then after working for his own company Paul commenced working for the primary care trust in 2009. Under his remit Paul oversees all Research management and Governance for the trust. Working on the permission process for both Portfolio and Non Portfolio research, Commercial and Industry studies and that carried out by both staff and the students from local Universities.

Currently Paul is the R&D lead for the Trust and first point of contact for research matters in the area. This also means working closely with the Primary Care Research Network (PCRN) and being an active member of the executive board of the PCRN to enable research to be carried out within primary care across West Yorkshire. Through his endeavours the research team has managed to stimulate research activity in the area by securing £3million worth of grants for research over the period since 2009 with partner organisations. In addition Paul is an active member of the Programme Budget Management Group that oversees the funding decisions taken for the health economy and works closely with other teams within the trust.

Recently Paul has been involved in a lot of work for the CLARHC, a large research project designed by the NIHR to ensure that academic research is applied within the health care environment across the whole of the health economy of York, Leeds and Bradford.

The role of the health care cluster engagement and communication that NHS Airedale Bradford and Leeds will take on in the Learning Layers project will be undertaken by a member of Paul Carder’s team, building on their existing excellent links with the GP practices.