Prof. Dr. Andreas P. Schmidt

Andreas P. Schmidt is professor for enterprise social media and mobile business at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences since March 2012 in the faculty for Computer Science & Business Information Systems. Before that, he was working at FZI Research Center for Information Technologies, a technology transfer center at KIT with a specific focus on regional SMEs, as a department manager for the knowledge area “Knowledge & Learning” and lecturer at the faculty of computer science at KIT for information integration. He has received his PhD on context-aware support for work-integrated learning from University of Karlsruhe. He has significantly contributed to various European projects over the last ten years. He has been Scientific Coordinator for the FP7 Integrating Project MATURE and was the initiator and key researcher on the knowledge maturing model, and work package leader in the FP7 project MIRROR. Furthermore, he also led successful cooperations with industry, ranging from large software companies like SAP, construction companies, or health care companies to small and medium-sized IT companies. His research interests include evolutionary perspectives to collaborative knowledge development and modelling, lightweight semantics, and supporting informal learning at the workplace.