Gilbert Peffer

Gilbert heads the socio-economics research group at the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering. His work in the Layers project focuses on service development and the interplay of learning and innovation in regional clusters. Previously he coordinated xDelia, a EU research project that explored the role of emotions and cognitive biases in financial decision-making and developed sensor and game technologies for learning in professional trading, private investment and financial capability. Gilbert’s research interests include financial capability, systemic risk in financial markets, agent-based modelling and methodology, and service innovation in managed clusters. For several years he worked in fixed income research at Salmon Brothers, a U.S. investment bank. Prior to that, he conducted research in applied mathematics at the Oxford University Computing Lab. Gilbert has a degree in aeronautical and aerospace engineering from the University of Stuttgart. For more information, please visit his home page or LinkedIn.

  • Organization: The International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering