Graz University of Technology, Knowledge Management Institute

The Knowledge Management Institute at the Graz University of Technology ( undertakes interdisciplinary research on Knowledge Management and Technology Enhanced Learning across a broad spectrum of domains including research on acquiring, managing and applying semantic metadata and ontologies, the use of social software in the context of Web 2.0, and on building structures and transferring knowledge within and across individuals, institutions, and organisations. TUG-KMI closely cooperates with Austrian partners such as University of Graz (Department of Psychology, Department of Information Science) and the Know-Center, Austria's K+ Competence Center for Knowledge Management. Researchers at the Knowledge Management Institute have been working in a variety of national and European projects in the area of work-integrated learning (e.g. MIRROR, APOSDLE, MATURE, DYONIPOS) and technology-enhanced learning in related areas (e.g., ROLE, TARGET, GRAPPLE, Organic.Lingua). TUG will lead WP5, contribute to work on the architecture (WP6) and to the quality indicators for instructional material (WP3).