Bau ABC Rostrup

Bau-ABC Rostrup is one of the largest training centres of construction industry for initial and further training nationwide. It covers expertise for the 17 main building occupations (e.g. bricklaying, carpentry, concrete, well building, building machinery mechanics, road construction, canal construction, pipe construction and laying, deep civil engineering, industrial insulation etc.) and 5 additional sector related occupations. In a time frame of usually 3 years each apprentice attends 38 weeks of industry-wide training.

In the training year of 2011-2012 a total of 2150 apprentices from more than 700 companies attend the training centres Bau-ABC Rostrup or ABZ Mellendorf which both belong to the Association of Construction Industry Lower Saxony and Bremen (Bauindustrieverband Niedersachsen Bremen e.V.). The 280 members/ stakeholders are representing small or medium-sized building companies in the North West region. The employee ́s rata of stakeholders varies from 10 to 350. Education- interested members or stakeholders of “Bauindustrieverband Niedersachsen Bremen e.V.” founded the VBB Nord e.V. (Verein zur Berufsförderung der Bauwirtschaft e.V.) which utilizes the association ́s premises for educational purposes or human recources development for construction industry in general. A wide range of further training for special skilled workers, foremen, engineers as well as master of trade work or master of industry (examinized construction foreman) is provided as well. Yearly a total of approximately 7500 participants, mainly key practical experts from the building site, visit the training centre either a day or sometimes up to three month for further education. Overall the dependence Bau-ABC Rostrup/ VBB Nord e.V. is the main operator for any industry-wide initial training or further training under the umbrella of the Association of Construction Industry Lower Saxony and Bremen and is the official partner for the Learning Layers Project.