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Connecting the designers and the users – Stories about healthcare workplace learning – time pressures

This video is an example of how Layers is using technology to share initial reports from the fieldwork with the developers and researchers in the design teams. Leeds is undertaking explorative studies with 3 GP practices in the UK, spending time with their staff to understand how they currently learn at work. These videos were made to share early stories and observations from the fieldwork with the Layers developers/researchers to help them to get a richer feel for the healthcare working and learning context. Pseudonyms have been used in these stories; none of the GP practice staff or GP practice names referred to are real. In many cases the stories do not refer to one individual’s story, but to a pattern that the researchers have observed in several situations. This particular story describes some issues connected to cascading of learning within teams and also identifies how time pressures lead healthcare staff to focus solely on the essential learning and personal interests or less critical learning is squeezed out.