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Learning Toolbox (LTB) Chronicle Vol. 1, 2014 – Overview

Construction Pilot articles of the Learning Layers project (Years 1 and 2)

Pekka Kämäräinen

The Learning Toolbox Chronicle is a collection of articles on the work of the Construction pilot of the Learning Layers project. The co-design process that was initiated in 2013 by the project partners from the training centre Bau-ABC Rostrup has led to the development of the integrative toolset Learning Toolbox (LTB) to support online learning and knowledge sharing.

The articles of Vol. 1, 2014 report on the start of the pilot activities and shaping of the design idea “Learning Toolbox” during the first year. The articles of the second year report on outreach activities with the preliminary concept of the Learning Toolbox.

Article 1/2014 From Application Partner Days to creation of Design Ideas

The first article informs the Application Partner Days with which the Learning Layers consortium launched the fieldwork activities in construction sector by visiting Bau-ABC Rostrup and Norddeutsches Zentrum für Nachhaltiges Bauen (NZNB) in Verden. The article reports on the workshops that prepared proposals for design ideas to be discussed in the Helsinki Design Conference of the Year 1.

Article 2/2014 Co-design process from “Sharing Turbine” to “Learning Toolbox”

The second article reports on the transformation of the design idea “Sharing Turbine” – digitisation of the  White folder, collector paper-based resources  – to the integrative toolset “Learning Toolbox” (flexible mobile framework to manage digital media and web resources).

Article 3/2014 Learning Layers project goes to Brunnenbauertage with the “Learning Toolbox”

The third article gives insights into  promotion campaign with the Learning toolbox concept in the German conference “Brunnenbauertage” hosted by Bau-ABC Rostrup in May 2014.

Article 4/2014 The Demo Camp presents the Learning Layers tools to apprentices and trainers

The fourth article reports on the  “Demo Camp” event that was organised as a demonstration campaign to present Learning Layers tools  for ca. 100 Bau-ABC apprentices and their trainers (alongside the Learning Layers project meeting in Bau-ABC Rostrup, June 2014).

Article 5/2014 The Learning Layers outreach activities and pilot workshops with construction companies

The fifth article informs of firstly of the demonstration visit of Learning Layers partners to the “NordBau” trade fair and demonstration Learning Toolbox to construction equipment and machinery suppliers. Secondly the article informs of a demonstration workshop organised with construction companies in Bremen. Both events took place in August 2014.

Shortly after these events Bau-ABC trainers recorded a series of videos on the use of Learning Toolbox in training and in construction work, see

Learning Toolbox videos from Bau-ABC (2014) – Overview


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