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Learning Layers visits Doctors and Construction Workers

Research projects on Information and Communication Technologies are often being criticized for overly emphasizing technical issues at the expense of considerations for where and how the technologies should be employed. The Learning Layers project is quite different in this respect as only roughly half of the overall budget will go into researching and developing technology. Continue reading

OVERVIEW: How can apps and learning technology support healthcare professionals’ informal learning and improve practice?

With Learning Layers – Smarter Learning for Primary Care

Professionals in health and social care are involved in learning every day. Learning in practice (which could include learning based on reflecting on patient cases, from patients themselves, twitter and other social media exchanges, discussions with colleagues, reviewing new guidelines or research or sharing learning with others) helps to ensure that high Continue reading

Interactive Infographic

We have found a very useful interactive infographic (see it here: http://healthandcare.dh.gov.uk/system )  which sets out the new structure of the NHS and healthcare provision in the UK from 1st April 2013. It’s not perfect (from our needs) as there are some stakeholders who do not seem to be included – universities are not clearly identified, nor are the professional bodies or relevant charities (Diabetes UK). But is does provide a pretty good initial overview and includes links to further information.