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Layers on the Financial Times: “Technology means wisdom is shared on demand”

Tamsin Treasure-Jones from the The Leeds Institute of Medical Education, one of the main partners of the Learning Layers project, was interviewed by the Financial Times for an article about Training and Development.

Read it at the FT.com by clicking here (to access it, you may have to register for free)









Policy, practice, economies and SMEs

I spent the morning looking at EU policy on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It was pretty hard going – after list of different measures together with endless reviews (mainly asserting how successful the policies had been followed by announcements of new measures to deal with the things that had not worked).

But policies are important – especially in education and training and in areas of economic and social policy where markets alone are clearly failing – although it is difficult to think of any area where markets are succeeding! One of our first tasks under the Learning Layers project which starts on the 1st of November will be to undertake a macro level review of the environment in which SMEs in Europe operate. This will be background research to help us develop a User Engagement Model and Guidelines for best practice to inform the work in developing technologies to support informal learning in the medical and building and construction sectors.

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