If your organization could benefit from the results of the Learning Layers project, or if you work in an SME, specially if your organization is part of a cluster, we encourage you to subscribe to the Learning Layers Stakeholders Network to connect with other SMEs, and learn about best practices and technologies that will improve your organizations learning and performance:

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Levels of engagement

There are two levels of involvement dependent on the goals you and your organization have as members of the stakeholders network of the Learning Layers project (its free and you´ll receive the notifications of the deliverables and tools we´ll be making public). In different phases of the project and for different project activities, there will be a possibility for different levels of engagement.

Membership level

Levels of Engagement





High Engagement Stakeholder

Recieves all updates and results from the project and also it may: work directly with the project partners and to ensure end users concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and considered in decision making and development processes. To provide feedback on analysis, alternatives and/or decisions. To assist and contribute actively on decisions and co-development activities. To develop partnership initiatives to develop new business initiatives and models to use and exploit project outcomes. To contribute with resources, time and network contact to advance towards the project objective.




Layers Stakeholder

Recieves all updates and results from the project and also it may: provide feedback over updates and advances from the Layers project

To become a Partner of the Learning Layers project, you need to get in contact with

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