The general project objective is to scale-up informal learning technologies in SME clusters to create meaningful learning opportunities and thereby improve sustained competitiveness of individuals, SMEs and the cluster as a whole. The general objective of the proposal will be realised by achieving the following specific measurable objectives:

  • Extend our knowledge on how to scale informal learning in SME clusters that leads to a better understanding of informal learning practices at physical workplace and across organisational boundaries.
  • Deliver a set of interaction technologies that unlocks peer production in networked SME settings and scaffolds individuals for meaningful learning byDeliver technologies that allow for capturing and supporting the negotiation of meaning that arises from within informal organisational and cross-organisational learning processes
    • scaffolding interpersonal help seeking in a networked enterprise context
    • drawing on organisational and cross-organisational resources to create dynamic, up-to-date and high quality boundary objects that can be used for learning in a cost-effective way
    • capturing informal learning interactions in work processes and practices situated in the physical world
  • Deliver a service-based open-source technology platform that empowers key stakeholders to build additional services to ensure on-going sustainability  and allows for delivering novel ways of cloud-based informal workplace learning support
  • Develop a business training model that demonstrates how technologies and methodologies can be adopted rapidly and effectively by SME networks and engage key stakeholders and potential commercial adopters to ensure integration with their future business models
  • Successfully demonstrate usefulness and scaling of the technologies and methodologies in the context of two representative and large-scale regional clusters in two highly dynamic and competitive sectors to 1000+ end-users