Learning Toolbox (LTB) Chronicle Vol. 3, 2016 – Overview

Construction pilot articles of the Learning Layers project (Year 4)

Pekka Kämäräinen

The Learning Toolbox Chronicle is a collection of articles on the work of the Construction pilot of the Learning Layers project. The co-design process that was initiated in 2013 by the project partners from the training centre Bau-ABC Rostrup has led to the development of the integrative toolset Learning Toolbox (LTB) to support online learning and knowledge sharing.

The articles of Vol. 3, 2016 report on the pilot activities of the fourth year of the Learning Layers project – on the major training campaign in Bau-ABC, on the pilot testing of Learning Toolbox and on reporting on the results.

Article 1/2016 Insights into “Theme Room” training on digital media in Bau-ABC

This article covers the launch of the Theme Room training campaign in Bau-ABC and the interim assessment of the implementation Theme Room workshops (in November 2015).

Article 2/2016 Peer learning and using digital media in Theme Room workshops

This article gives insights into peer learning in Theme Room workshops with focus on the themes ‘Social media’ and ‘Digital learning contents’.

Article 3/2016  Piloting with Learning Toolbox (LTB) takes off in Bau-ABC

This article gives a picture on the preparation, launch and early follow-up of the piloting with Learning Toolbox in Bau-ABC (from March 2016 on).

Article 4/2016  Piloting with other Learning Layers Tools in Bau-ABC – Learning Toolbox in good company

This article reports on the piloting with two other Learning Layers tools in Bau-ABC – the video annotation tool AchSo and the social augmented reality application SOAR.

Article 5/2016  New fields of piloting with Learning Toolbox (LTB) in Bau-ABC

This article reports on peer tutoring sessions with Bau-ABC trainers to promote the use of Learning Toolbox in new trades and in the overarching learning area ‘Health and Safety’.

Article 6/2016  Learning Toolbox for trans-national mobility – preparing stacks with and for Spanish apprentices

This article reports on a workshop with Spanish apprentices who are getting apprentice training in Bau-ABC within the Mobipro-EU project. In the workshop we explored the possibility to use Learning Toolbox as support for such trans-national mobility.

Article 7/2016  Recent reports on the use of Learning Toolbox in practice – in Bau-ABC training and at a construction site in Verden

This article reports on a recent findings on the use of Learning Toolbox in Bau-ABC training and on at a construction site supervised by Thomas Isselhard (from Netzwerk Nachhaltiges Bauen) in Verden.

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