LTB Videos from Verden: Use of Learning Toolbox (LTB) for managing construction site (2016)

Below we present two LTB-videos that were recorded in the workshop on uses of the Learning Toolbox (LTB) that was organised for representatives of craft trades companies (in construction sector) in September 2016 in Institut Technik & Bildung (ITB).

The videos are based on the presentation of architect Thomas Isselhard, application partner of the Learning Layers project, representing the network for ecological construction work (Netzwerk Nachhaltiges Bauen, NNB). He gave a presentation on the use of LTB as support for coordination of the work at a construction site in Verden (North Germany).

LTB-Video 1 (Verden): Thomas Isselhard on the use of LTB as an architect

In the first video Thomas discusses the staring points for using LTB to share basic information, update revised construction plans and to avoid communication gaps between different parties involved with the construction work.

LTB-Video 2 (Verden): Thomas Isselhard on using LTB together with contractors and craftsmen

In the second video Thomas and other participants discuss, how craft trade companies can start using LTB with simple content tiles (based on the standard processes and filing systems) and get other users accustomed to work with LTB.  The craftsmen are inducted to use LTB when they get their instructors for their tasks. Here we learn of the benefits of real-time knowledge sharing as well as reporting on progress on the site.

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