Learning Toolbox videos from Bau-ABC (2014) – Overview

In August 2014 the Bau-ABC team recorded a  series of videos to present ideas on possible uses of the Learning Toolbox in their training and in construction work. In this context the trainers also report on their progress with their own blogs, which they have used as repositories for training materials.

LTB Video 1/2014 The Multimedia Training of Learning Layers has had impact

The first video informs of the results of the Multimedia Training and of the trainers’ achievements in creating their blogs.

LTB Video 2/2014 Bau-ABC trainers’ views on the use of Learning Toolbox in training

The second video presents the trainers views and expectations on the benefits of using Learning Toolbox in training.

LTB Video 3/2014 Use of Learning Toolbox in an apprentice’s project in Bau-ABC

The third video gives a picture, how the apprentices projects are carried out currently and how they can be supported with Learning Toolbox.

LTB Video 4/2014 Learning Toolbox in different contexts of construction work

The fourth video presents possible uses of Learning Toolbox in different work situations.

LTB Video 5/2014 Learning Toolbox as means to highlight Health and Safety issues

The fifth video draws attention to Health and Safety issues in a training workshop and on outdoor training site.

LTB Video 6/2014 Learning Toolbox as means to capture instructions at the workplace

The sixth video shows how the Learning Toolbox can be used to capture instruction to ‘tricks of the trade’ in specific work situations.

LTB Video 7/2014 Learning Toolbox as means to support storage of special tools

The seventh video shows, how the storage of specific construction sector tools can be supported with the help of the Learning Toolbox.





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