Learning Layers represented by two talks at the FOSDEM 2015 open source conference in Brussels

Over the last weekend of January, the Learning Layers project contributed two Lightning Talks to FOSDEM 2015, one of the biggest open source conferences worldwide. The talks gave an overview of two of our open source projects, the Requirements Bazaar and the Yjs framework for real-time group editing on the Web. Both talks were attended by around 250 people in the room and several more on the live stream.

FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting) is an annual two day conference held in Brussels that attracts around 5000 open source developers yearly. Various open source projects like Mozilla, KDE, OpenStack, Gnome, Jenkins, etc. are represented at FOSDEM by over 500 talks and various booths.

Requirements Bazaar is a continuous innovation platform developed by RWTH Aachen University that plays a big role in the co-design process of the Learning Layers project for eliciting various requirements for the Layers apps. We presented the idea behind the platform which enables end users to enter, vote and comment on requirements. Moreover, via the Requirements Bazaar developers may discuss with end users and decide together to implement certain features or solve particular issues. In particular, we presented the new version of the platform that is directly targeting feature requests by partners of the Layers consortium.

Petru Nicolaescu and Kevin Jahns presenting the Yjs library at FOSDEM 2015 in Brussels

The second talk introduced Yjs, a framework developed by RWTH Aachen University for real-time peer-to-peer group editing on the Web. Driven by its modular approach, Yjs allows to easily attach collaborative features to existing Web sites with a few lines of code. The framework automatically solves editing conflicts occurring in near real-time collaboration on arbitrary data types and can be used with multiple communication protocols. After the talk, various developers asked us about further details of usage and integration possibilities with other open source projects.

Besides disseminating our software and frameworks, we actively visited various booths at FOSDEM to discuss with representatives of projects such as OpenStack, Xen and ownCloud that back our Layers infrastructural offerings through the Tethys cloud.

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