Focus group sessions and presentations of Y2 findings of the LAYERS project at the Tyrolean IT Day

The UIBK team prepared the evaluation of the Learning Layers tools in the fourth year of the Leaning Layers project. We decided not just to perform a standard evaluation, rather we want to perform a next generation evaluation (see for details). As a starting point for the preparation and planning phase, we conducted focus group interviews with the developers and researchers at the Design Conference in Helsinki in March 2015. We jointly developed initial evaluation criteria and identified the main stakeholders of the prototypes. The next focus groups with the end-users will take place in the upcoming two months in UK and Germany. There, the tools will be introduced in order to get stakeholder feedback about the usability and the prototypes’ potential to be used during their daily work.

Besides the focus group interviews, the Tyrolean IT-Day was held in Innsbruck on May 7th where the UIBK team presented the findings of our year two of the empirical study. We shared our insights in the research fields (1) knowledge protection, (2) ICT use for informal learning, and (3) constant connectivity. We provided four strategies aiming to find a balance between knowledge sharing and protecting. Furthermore, presented the most important ICT tools for informal workplace learning, which are especially: email as conventional media and WhatsApp as social media. Moreover, we provided four different strategies for people to be able to cope with constant connectivity and increase the efficiency and productivity of their work online.



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The 4th Tyrolean  IT-Day at May 7th, 2015 in Innsbruck, Austria is a meeting for practitioners and researchers from Tyrol.  Local IT-Companies were presenting their new innovations and products and several talks about recent topics were  held. In 2015, the exhibition was focusing on the digital interconnection and education within IT-Companies and provided a platform for knowledge exchange between industry experts, potential customers, researchers as well as politicians.


The LAYERS team of the University of Innsbruck attended the poster session and presented a LEARNING LAYERS poster summing up the findings of the empirical study from the second project year and shared the project ideas with interested visitors.


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