First newsletter Nov 2013

Learning Layers – scaling informal learning at the workplace
Sent on Friday, November 29, 2013

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This first year has been very productive, so we want to reach out and share some of our most exciting insights with you. This is just the beginning. We hope you enjoy it: 
What is LAYERS about
Explained in short, what is the project about, what are the objectives and the pain points we’ll tackle …read more


Nineteen research partners across Europe develop ideas on how to scale informal learning at the workplace …read more
Scaling informal learning is not a trivial task, and an integrative approach is therefore needed …read more


Semantic video annotation, an app for reflection on the go and a social semantic server… check some of the technologies we have been working on in the first project year …read more


How we reach out to our stakeholders

Find out about the mechanisms we have built to reach out and connect with our stakeholders, such as our Open Design and Open Developers Library …read more





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