Espoo Exploitation Workshop

A very hands-on, creative and lively exploitation workshop was held at the Learning Layers project meeting in Espoo in March 2015. This structured and facilitated workshop allowed different exploitation teams to consider their exploitation journey – reflect on their aims, their resources and plans for exploitation of the Learning Layers work.

One team focused on healthcare. The healthcare exploitation journey is titled “Smarter Learning and Working for Primary Care Teams and Networks” and focuses on the tools being developed within healthcare and the efforts to make these sustainable by either developing them into commercial products or by developing them to the stage at which other software vendors can integrate them into their commercial products. The poster below (developed from the Espoo workshop activities) details the team leading on the effort, candidates for the first customers and the needs and challenges they face, the value proposition of the products and the top features, the past and future ‘get out of the building’ activities to create the tools, extra resources the team could tap into, and the key partners that the team engages with at different points in the journey.

Exploitation Poster (draft) - Healthcare - v4 - page 1

The different elements of the journey are placed on a timeline shown in the second part of the poster below.

Exploitation Poster (draft) - Healthcare - v4 - page2

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