D3.1 Concept & Prototype for Creating and Maturing Instructional Material

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Executive Summary

Digital materials are an important element of scaling learning processes. In informal learning any digital material can take an instructional role, and anyone can contribute these materials. In the first year, WP3 has concentrated on

  • identifying the form and role of digital material in informal learning processes in two target context
  • describing the interaction with digital material conceptually and exploring the underlying motivational structures
  • and developing initial ideas how to improve current informal learning practices

Towards that end, this deliverable presents

  • the conceptual foundations, which are the knowledge maturing model landscape which describes collective knowledge development in organizational environments, and a motivational analysis model
  • empirical analyses and interviews of motivational structures in the two target sectors, complementing the study in D1.1
  • conceptual foundations for indicators that can be used to make informal learning and knowledge maturing traceable

Furthermore, WP3 has designed and implemented prototypes that explore and illustrate the conceptual issues. Two design experiments were technology-driven:

  • REFLECT is a mobile app for voice-enabled reflection on the go and shows the possibility of integrating capturing into everyday work processes and how to scaffold reflection.
  • SpirOnto is a tablet-based prototype for a novel way of patient documentation that exploits semantic linkage to promote informal learning from patient documentation.

In year 1, WP3 has further concentrated its activities on two project-wide design teams:

  • In PANDORA, the LivingDocuments prototype demonstrates how to support maturing knowledge from opinion to stable & shared knowledge based on living documents
  • In Sharing Turbine, the RapidTurbine prototype focuses on developing a pedagogic approach to linking formal and informal learning

Overall, knowledge maturing has been confirmed as a useful perspective on the interaction with digital material in informal learning. It seems to be a key to addressing the trust issue in informal materials, and it can help to scaffold informal learning on the level of building informal learning capacities, which consist of critical skills such as filtering and assessing resources.

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