D10.1 1st year Periodic Report – Publishable summary

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General Overview and Objectives of the Learning Layers project
Despite the recognised importance of informal learning at the workplace, most technology-based solutions are targeted towards a learning model based on the ideas of direct formal instruction. In contrast to formal instruction that is organised along curricula, workplace learning takes place alongside work processes, is multi episodic, is often informal, is problem based and takes place on a just in time basis and often involves the passing on of skills and knowledge from skilled workers.
While this learning from individual experience is highly effective and intrinsically motivating for the individual, it does not scale very well: if individual experiences are not further taken up in systematic organizational learning practices, learning remains costly, fragmented and unsystematic.
The Learning Layers project has therefore set out to achieve the following challenging objective: to scale-up informal learning in SME clusters through the use of technologies to create meaningful learning opportunities and thereby improve sustained competitiveness of
individuals, SMEs and the cluster as a whole.
While typically…

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