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MATEL 2012: Workshop

This week, we have organized another edition of the MATEL workshop on Motivational and Affective Aspects in Technology-Enhanced Learning at ECTEL 2012 in Saarbrücken. I had the opportunity to present the MATURE Motivational Model (developed together with Christine Kunzmann), which is now also part of the Knowledge Maturing Consulting Network that transfers MATURE results into practice.

Presenting the MATURE Motivational Model

The slides are available via Slideshare.

Additionally, I was opening the second day of the workshop with an overview of the results of past editions. The preparation of these slides was actually a rewarding exercise of reflection on what we have achieved, and I was surprise how many interesting conceptual results were produced by the groups.

Similarly, the third edition produced a new landscape of affective aspects and research directions for both. You can find a summary here. Continue reading