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Welcome to this edition of the Learning Layers update. In this issue we will share with you some of the feedback on the Learning Layers tools received at a recent international conference and give you an update on plans for the pilots.

How would you use the Learning Layers tools? Feedback from Learning Layers @ AMEE 2015

The AMEE Conference is widely recognised as the key conferenLayersHealthcareNewsAutumnce for medical and healthcare professions with an interest in education.  Learning Layers tools were presented 5 different sessions at AMEE 2015, and we also had an Exhibition Stand throughout the conference. We were overwhelmed with the response by healthcare stakeholders who shared with us theirinterest and stories of how they would use the tools.  Here are some examples….

GP, Finland. Immediately saw the change management potential. Lots of change in medical practice in Finland, implementation and understanding of these changes is currently not well managed and the Learning Layers toolset could help with that.

Educational Standards Projects Leader, Switzerland. Confer could help with project meetings and work group support. For example to support round the table consensus meetings, with healthcare professionals working on medical protocols.

Social Health Care Services Provider, UK.  Interested in how the Learning Layers toolset could help to support a range of dispersed teams and individuals we work with as part of a Health & Social Care (specialist services provider; work closely with GPs and others to deliver integrated health and social care services).#

Professor, The Netherlands. Living Documents could be used alongside more standard online learning courses to support collaborative working.

VTS GP Trainee Leads, Ireland & Australia. Learning Layers toolset could be used to support GP Trainees. As well as supporting them in capturing learning for their portfolio, the tools can also be used to help them share and work more effectively in groups online.

Learning Technologist, Swedish Teaching Hospital. Everyone is interested in recording their informal learning and developing it further. At the moment (in medical education and revalidation) the emphasis is on recording formal learning, but this misses all the important informal learning that happens. Bits and Pieces could help with this capture and development of informal learning.

University Medical Centre, The Netherlands. Confer could be used by multi-professional teams to help them provide patient care, exploring and discussing a problem/solution and reaching an agreed and shared understanding. It could also be used with undergraduate students to support problem-based learning.

Medical School, Germany. Bits and Pieces and Living Documents could be used to support understanding and learning from clinical scenarios. This would involve using Bits & Pieces to collect and develop learning experiences and Living Documents to share and discuss these.

Update on Pilots

All the tools are currently being field-tested and we are planning the wider pilots of the toolsets that will start next year.  We already have a number of groups and networks signed up to pilot the toolsets next year and we will begin reporting to you on those pilots in Spring 2016.

Learning Layers Tools in Healthcare
Bits & Pieces, Confer and Living Documents are all being field-tested in real healthcare work settings this Autumn and training and support material is being developed in preparation for the pilots next year. Our Learning Layers @AMEE video gives a very quick overview of the project. If you would like to get a sense of the current state of each tool then you can watch short screencasts of the tools in use here.

Getting involvedamee_layers

We have a number of groups piloting the tools, but if you are interested joining the pilots and getting a chance to use the tools please do contact us as soon as. Email us on

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We hope you find this update on our activities interesting. We would really value your feedback if there is anything you would like to add or comment on then please email us.

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