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Learning Layers @ AMEE September 2015

Learning Layers was actively involved in AMEE 2015, which took place at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) in Glasgow between the 4th and the 9th of September 2015.


This was our major healthcare stakeholder engagement event in year 3 and it allowed us to engage with a very large number of healthcare stakeholders from across Europe. The AMEE Exhibition forms part of the Association in Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)’s annual conference . This is the largest and most prestigious international conference in medical and healthcare education held in Europe each year. It is attended by over 3,000 people involved in medical or healthcare education. You can find out more and view the Learning Layers @ AMEE video here.

Learning Layers Mixing & Matching Meeting – July 2015

In July we brought together some of the key healthcare professionals (the Champions from each of our three partner practices), who have been working with us on the tools, to share their experiences and discuss how they would like to be involved in the year 4 pilots. The Education and IT leads from the Clinical Commissioning Groups and a representative of the Academic Health Science Network were also involved.

Up until this point, each GP Practice had focused mainly on one tool (Bits & Pieces, Confer or Living Documents). This decision had been made in year two in order to help the GP Practice staff to have the chance to really develop a good understanding of one tool and work with us to develop that tool effectively. This meeting gave us all an opportunity to start discussing and planning with the combined toolset field-tests that were due to start later in the year and the year 4 evaluation pilots.

The meeting involved short presentations of each tool, which were done jointly by the LEEDS partner and the key contact (Champion) at each of the GP Practices.

We then separated into two facilitated groups, to discuss potential ways in which the tools could be used. These discussions covered the type of activities that the tools could support (the scenarios), the toolset combinations that would support these and the potential groups who would be able to take part in integrated toolset field-tests in the autumn and pilot studies in 2016.
This meeting was extremely useful in helping us move forward with the plans for the tools integration, the integrated toolset field-tests for autumn 2015 and the year 4 pilots.

  • The group came up with a good set of ideas for scenarios in which the tools could be used.
  • We identified a group at GP Practice B who would try out the integrated toolset in Autumn 2015. This activity has now started.
  • We identified one group (AHSN) who were keen to start field-test with Confer in  autumn, 2015. This activity has now started.
  • We identified three cross-organisational groups (all of whom had representatives at the workshop) who are interested in joining the pilots in year 4. Discussions with these groups are ongoing.

Espoo Exploitation Workshop

A very hands-on, creative and lively exploitation workshop was held at the Learning Layers project meeting in Espoo in March 2015. This structured and facilitated workshop allowed different exploitation teams to consider their exploitation journey – reflect on their aims, their resources and plans for exploitation of the Learning Layers work.

One team focused on healthcare. The healthcare exploitation journey is titled “Smarter Learning and Working for Primary Care Teams and Networks” and focuses on the tools being developed within healthcare and the efforts to make these sustainable by either developing them into commercial products or by developing them to the stage at which other software vendors can integrate them into their commercial products. The poster below (developed from the Espoo workshop activities) details the team leading on the effort, candidates for the first customers and the needs and challenges they face, the value proposition of the products and the top features, the past and future ‘get out of the building’ activities to create the tools, extra resources the team could tap into, and the key partners that the team engages with at different points in the journey.

Exploitation Poster (draft) - Healthcare - v4 - page 1

The different elements of the journey are placed on a timeline shown in the second part of the poster below.

Exploitation Poster (draft) - Healthcare - v4 - page2

OVERVIEW: How can apps and learning technology support healthcare professionals’ informal learning and improve practice?

With Learning Layers – Smarter Learning for Primary Care

Professionals in health and social care are involved in learning every day. Learning in practice (which could include learning based on reflecting on patient cases, from patients themselves, twitter and other social media exchanges, discussions with colleagues, reviewing new guidelines or research or sharing learning with others) helps to ensure that high Continue reading

Interactive Infographic

We have found a very useful interactive infographic (see it here: )  which sets out the new structure of the NHS and healthcare provision in the UK from 1st April 2013. It’s not perfect (from our needs) as there are some stakeholders who do not seem to be included – universities are not clearly identified, nor are the professional bodies or relevant charities (Diabetes UK). But is does provide a pretty good initial overview and includes links to further information.